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SCI-FI Interior: Concept Art Tutorial

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I'm excited to share my full concept art process in creating a Sci-Fi interior. I have been developing and refining this process over the past 3 years whilst working on several feature films and television shows.

My intent for this tutorial is to show you how I create an interior from start to finish using Blender, Procreate/Photoshop, and how I structure each step to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Includes over 4 hours of narrated video tutorials.

This tutorial is for Intermediate or Advanced artsists/designers who wish to pick up some extra tips for their workflow and have prior knowledge of 3D software and image creation.


  1. Introduction
  1. Blender tools
  • Basic modelling commands I use
  • Eevee setup
  1. Let’s talk about good design
  1. Sketching, references & forming a brief
  1. 3D modelling
  • Blocking out in 3D
  • Sketching over 3D
  • Detailing your model
  • Final detailed model walkthrough
  • Materials and set dressing
  1. Rendering & Paintover
  • Render passes
  • Paintover
  • Final touches (*Please note: Refer to Image 03, 04 & 05 for tips that did not show in the recording)
  • Changing the mood of your scene

Programs used: Blender 3.4, Procreate, Photoshop

  • Basic skills of Blender and Photoshop or Procreate are recommended for this tutorial.
  • Course can be followed with most other 3D polygonal modelling software such as Maya, Rhino etc.
  • 3D and Photoshop files are not included
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SCI-FI Interior: Concept Art Tutorial

12 ratings
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